The Impact

Kaapus Co. strives to create products that empower our artisans and give back to the planet.

Heritage Craft

Block printing is a traditional art that is passed down from generation to generation. Many of the printers and carvers are part of families who have been practicing the craft for centuries. These artisans, many of whom are women, take great pride in their art and are dedicated to preserving the traditional techniques and designs of their ancestors. They pour their love of this art in making our ideas come to life.


Block printing is an eco-friendly process. Unlike digital printing, which uses a large amount of energy and produces a lot of waste, block printing is a low-impact process that requires very little energy. The wooden blocks can be used multiple times, and the dyes are typically made from natural pigments, making it safe for the environment. The fabrics we use for printing are 100% pure and natural.

Supporting communities

Many communities dedicated to this ancient art, come together to make the magic happen:

  • Washer "Dhobi" community
  • Dyer "Rangrez" community
  • Block Carver "Bhatt Ghar" community
  • Block Printer "Chipa" community
  • Handicraft "Karigar" community
  • Tailor "Darzi" community

Grateful that we can share their exceptional craft with you through our products and do our part in supporting their local economy.

Handmade in small-batches

Mass-produced products are generally made by unfairly-paid workers and machines, which can contribute to unemployment and poverty. Our products are handmade in small batches by well-paid skilled artisans. These practices are environment friendly and support various artisan communities.


Many traditional products are designed to be disposable, which contributes to waste and pollution. Small-batch, eco-friendly, and handmade products, on the other hand, are often designed to be used and reused. They help reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of consumption. Our products are long-lasting, and can be easily washed and reused.