About Us

A brief introduction to our team and values.


Kaapus means Cotton in Marathi.

Growing up in India; with its' vast and varying climate, there is truly no fabric superior to cotton. A perfect canvas for several regional handicraft and textile designs, cotton only gets softer and better with use.

More durable than most fabrics, cotton also is an excellent natural insulator: it stays cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Easy to wash and hypoallergenic, cotton is nature's gift to the planet and we are here to celebrate it in all its' glory.

Handmade sustainably

We spent months searching for artisans that would sustainably help us handcraft our designs and bring them to life. Finally, we found an amazing group located in Jaipur, India and launched our first collection in November 2022. Once our designs are ready, we hand them over to our talented artisans; who dye, wash, hand print the patterns and ultimately sew and construct our ideas into real, tangible, unique pieces of art for you.

Every piece is made in small, conscious batches to ensure we don't waste. We also make upcycled products to help save excess fabric from wastage.

Meet the team

Based out of the Bay Area in California, meet our enthusiastic and driven designer.

Tanushree is an Internationally acclaimed Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer who grew up in Mumbai, India. She inherited her love for textiles, handicrafts and natural fabrics which runs strong in her family. Her passion for the arts and the never ending quest for the perfect fluffy razai (blanket) inspired her to found Kaapus Co. in 2022. Her drive to showcase artisanal craftsmanship and keen eye for design inspires her creativity.

She likes to spend her spare time traveling, baking and reading.