Meet the designer

Based out of the Bay Area in California, meet our enthusiastic and driven designer.

Tanushree is an Internationally acclaimed Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer who grew up in Mumbai, India. She inherited her love for textiles, handicrafts and natural fabrics which runs strong in her family. Her passion for the arts and the never ending quest for the perfect fluffy razai (blanket) inspired her to found Kaapus Co. in 2022. Her drive to showcase artisanal craftsmanship and keen eye for design inspires her creativity.

She likes to spend her spare time traveling, baking and reading.

handcrafted with love in India

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"Kaapus" (kaa-poos) means Cotton in Marathi.

In India's wild weather mix, Cotton reigns Supreme. It's the OG of fabrics — it gets comfier with every wash, nails the summer-winter chill vibe, and plays extra nice with all the local art. Easy-care and Sneeze-Free; Cotton is basically Earth's coziest high-five to us.

uniquely charming

Hand printed, one color at a time

Skilled artisans in India stamp in these beautiful designs by hand, one color at a time.

The tiny movements and imperfections make each piece unique and attractive.

A word from the designer

"I started Kaapus Co. to share an aesthetic that felt authentic to my South Asian roots and my life here in California.

I wanted to showcase what contemporary South Asian Design could be and highlight how amazing our handicraft techniques are.

I hope you find something here that brings you joy every day and resonates with a tiny piece of your personality!"

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Empowers Artisans

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Machine Washable

Long Lasting